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Day 2 - Beginner Summer Camp

Today everyone worked on Juggling and Passing. It is important that everyone knows the correct technique of passing the ball including the goalkeepers.
The field players then focused on passing through gates and also passing to knock a soccer ball off of a cone. We discussed the correct technique of passing the ball and using the inside center of the foot. Players were then teamed up with another player and then with small teams to make passes through cones and move to the next set of cones (everyone moving on and off of the ball). The players were then broken up into three groups with one group being the defense to stop the others teams from passing the ball. Each team got a chance at playing defense.
Goalkeepers started with the field players and then broke away to work on punting and goalkicking.
All players then played against each other in a scrimmage using the techniques they were taught earlier (pictures below taken by my grandson Zackary).
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