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Day 4 - Beginner Summer Camp

The players certainly enjoy using the Og Soccer Trainer. As you can see the girls were challenging each other prior to the camp starting today. They even started making their own The boys on the other hand were challenging each other as to who could get the ball up the hill further. When players start practicing by themselves you know they are enjoying the game of soccer. Its also good that they are using their creative minds.
During the week the field players have been working on various techniques in using their foot on the ball to dribble, pass, shoot, change direction, teamwork and running with the ball. Today we worked on not just the combination of all of these, but also dribbling onto the goal at angles and looking for their team mates to pass to. As you will see in the video (below) they have definately been making some progress.
The keepers started off with the field players on collection and distribution and then went off to work with coach Jen on angles and closing down the shot on goal. We then had the field players come in at angles to see if they had learnt how to do it under pressure. As you will see they did very well.
Don't forget to ask your child what they learnt today.
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