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Day 3 - Beginner Summer Camp

The Og Soccer Trainer was put out to see if players would start using it when they arrived and as you will see many of them were very eager to use it. This is a tool that can be used to help players learn how to juggle a ball within as little as 21 days and can also be used in the house on days when the weather is not perfect.
Today we focused on Shooting. They started with the technique of shooting using the inside of the foot, and then the laces. We incorporated a competition to see who could shoot the furthest an named a Boy Winner and a Girl Winner with each try. After that we had the players concentrate on making the best accurate shot, and not on the distance. Ask them what parts of the foot they use to shoot. You'll also see in the videos that we then incorporated their shots onto the keepers both in goal and by having everyone moving in a large area.
The keepers focused on different ways to distribute the ball to players. In the video you'll even see an activity in which all players were moving within a large area and the keepers had to call for a ball from the players. When they received the ball they would then have to roll the ball into an open space which the players were running too.
We finished off with our usual scrimmage in which we remind them to use the techniques we have taught them and even pull them aside to ask how they could have done something better.
All-in-all the players had a great day and are really progressing well.
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