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Video Analysis for Soccer Training in RI


G4S Soccer Training & Player Development offers a Soccer Video Analysis of your team or your competition.




G4S can enhance your coaching effectiveness by performance analysis of your team using a video analysis software program. We can either video your match, or you can provide us with the video(s) of your match. We will then break down the match by player or by play and provide you with invaluable, real-time and post-game analysis. You will be able to view the performance of your players to find their strengths and weaknesses. Thus; making them more effective and efficient as your team moves forward. You can even use this during practices for Soccer Training in RI.


  • Providing fast, accurate, visual feedback to your players to maximize coaching points and opportunity

  • Improves your ability to develop individual player performance and consequently, overall team effectiveness

  • Optimizes your coaching time and effectiveness in crucial post game analysis

  • Allows in-depth 'scouting' of opposition in an effective and time-efficient manner

  • Gives you the ability to quickly generate game or season highlight tapes

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