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G4S Soccer Training Testimonials

As we stated on our home page. OUR SUCCESS comes from each and every one of our PLAYERS SUCCESS!

Below you can view some of the testimonials from our students or their parents.

My daughter April took the winter foot skills training with Steve. It was a true pleasure to see her progress under his direction. She couldn't wait for Sunday training, she loved the new skills she was learning and Steve provided it in a way the was fun and serious at the same time. Don't miss out on his next session!


Mitchell Seamans - Parent (April 23rd, 2018) Satisfactory Rating 

Coach Steve is great a coach. He is funny and makes me laugh. He's good at helping people learn new skills. I think that anyone will like working with Coach Steve. The classes are small, only 6 kids in the class so we were able to learn a lot. I've done 3 trainings with Coach Steve and enjoyed all of them. I wish the training sessions were longer because I like doing them. 


Corissa Russel - Player (April 22, 2018) Satisfactory Rating 

Both of our boys worked with Steve during the winter session. Steve makes the game enjoyable and fun for players of all ages. While improving a players understanding of the game and getting good touches on the ball.


Jonathan Rollins - Parent (April 22nd, 2018) Satisfactory Rating 

I play as a goal keeper with Bruno Red U16. I have been practicing with Steve Marmas for more than year now. Steve is a brilliant coach, the best I’ve ever had as a goal keeper. He knows exactly what to work on. He spots my strengths and weaknesses and helps me improve on both. After every practice with him I feel a lot better on the field, more confident, and making more correct decisions. And the practice is always fun and interesting.


Ourie Ophir Azoulay - Player (November 13th, 2016) Satisfactory Rating

I can't say enough about Coach Steve and the training we received. We noticed a difference in our son, Cole's ability and confidence after just the first lesson. Steve's honesty, ability, determination, and hard work are attributes that he has and instills in the children he trains. We are pleased with our decision to train our son with Steve as well are looking forward to the upcoming seasons to watch our son grow and improve in his abilities! Thank you!


Lisa Baker - Parent (November 8th, 2016) Satisfactory Rating  -




I have recently started small group training with Steve Marmas. I continue to be impressed every week with the great care that is taken to teach all facets of soccer. Steve has the ability to understand each child and can easily recognize when he or she may be frustrated ever so slightly. He approaches every child in the group with respect and much patience. He always takes the time to critique each one in order for them to improve and gain confidence. I look forward to this hour every week as well as does my son. Steve's dedication to the sport is evident through his quality instruction but he also manages to make the training fun by creative exercises, humor and by relating so well with every individual personality. Steve has also sincerely listened to my frustrations as a parent over certain issues and really wants to help. We are lucky to have this valuable resource!


Sue Matta - Parent (March 6th, 2014) Satisfactory Rating  -







I have been training with coach Steve for 2 years now. He is an incredible coach. I always look forward to every Saturday knowing I get to train with him. He always makes things fun in training but never gets off task. Coach Steve makes players skills sharper for field play. I have learned to make different types of passes.


Anna Kalooski - Player (March 2nd, 2014) Satisfactory Rating




I've been training with coach Steve for 2 years. As a trainer and a coach he is supportive and very easy to get along with. He has taught me to never stop unless the ball is in the back of the net. Coach Steve has not only taught me my ball skills and field play. He has also taught me the game of soccer and how to get better at what I love.


Lila Kalooski - Player (March 2nd, 2014) Satisfaction Rating




My daughter Lauren has trained with Steve for many years. She started soccer training at age 7 and is now a U12A player. Her overall skills have improved which helps her enjoy playing competitive soccer. Her touches on the ball, passing, speed and power are much better as well as quick decision making. Most importantly she has become a more confident and strong player. As a parent I feel the training is worth the money because I feel if your child wants to play middle school, high school and/or in college - training is a must.


Bret Harrington - Parent (March 1st, 2014) Satisfaction Rating




Peyton has trained with Steve for a year and has significantly improved not only her play but her entire understanding of the game. Steve's comprehensive knowledge and experience is evident in every session and as a coach of a Developmental Soccer team I also look at these sessions as an opportunity for me to further my coaching skills and gain insight.


David Perry - Parent/Coach (October 7th, 2013) Satisfaction Rating




Jordan has been training with Steve for over a year. I have seen much improvement in her play, as well as her confidence, during this time. Steve's program couples professional training with a fun and cooperative atmosphere; my daughter looks forward to her training time! With help from Steve's coaching and training, Jordan has advanced her skills and was recently accepted into the ODP program and also made the ASFMS soccer team, as a 6th grader. She still has much to learn and needs to experience various field positions- I'm sure with Steve's support, she will continue to enhance her skills.


Thanks Steve!


Ginny Grossi - Parent (September 9th, 2013) Satisfaction Rating




​I just wanted to let you know what a positive influence Coach Jen had on Jillian.  Although she came off the field dripping with sweat and tired All she kept saying was how much fun she had and how much she LOVED Coach Jen.  Jillian didn`t stop talking about her the whole ride to Portsmouth.  She must of repeated “I love Coach Jen!” a million times.   I asked her what Coach Jen meant by the “third Hand”  and she explained it in lengthy detail and she kept repeating, “ Use the ball to cushion your fall”.   I really feel that Coach Jen is going to be a great influence and mentor to Jillian because she is the real thing in Jill’s eyes.  A girl who is a goalie who went all the way to college being one.   Seeing and meeting Coach Jen has shown her, in just one training session, that if she works real hard her goal of being a goalie in middle school and high school is attainable.

~ Gen Plante - Parent - Satisfaction Rating




“Steve has really broken the game of soccer down to its simplest form and my son has a better understanding of the game and his actions as a result. Steve's simple and effective training program helped take my son off the bench and put him into the game!! Steve's program not only improved my sons skill level but his confidence and interest in the sport as well.”​


~ Alex Holzinger Sr. - Parent - Satisfaction Rating




I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help this past year.  I was so happy when I learned I made the Middle School team as a 7th grader. My goal was to make a good showing for the coach at tryouts and be noticed so I would have a good chance of making the team in 8th grade. I think I even surprised myself during the tryouts by never giving up and giving my best effort as you have coached me to do. I know your training sessions helped me with my running and technique, but most importantly, with my confidence. You are a great coach and I am so happy we were able to work together.
I will be continuing my training because I know I have to tryout again next year in order to remain on the Middle School team, and then comes the High School teams. I hope you are up for that challenge with me…
Thank you again so much!


~Ashley Daigneault - Player - Satisfaction Rating




"Due to the exceptional one on one training, my daughter is playing smarter and at a higher level than before."


~Sally Smith - Parent - Satisfaction Rating




"My Daughter, Brooke, age 7 and son Dylan, age 9, attended Steve Marma's Goals-4-Sports soccer personal training this winter.  It was great!  Steve makes it fun for the kids.  The soccer drills were amazing and the agility training was very impressive. 

I currently coach U8 Competitive Girls and U10 Competitive Boys.  I've implemented some of Steve's drills into my practices and have had great results.  I highly recommend Goals-4-Sports to anyone looking to improve your child's soccer skills."


~Jay Chello - Parent & Coach - Satisfaction Rating

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