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Day 5 - Beginner Summer Camp

The last day of camp came around so quick. Coach Jen & I had a great time coaching your children in the first G4S Soccer Training & Player Development Summer Camp for 2013. Each morning when the players arrived at camp they would either start kicking the ball around, start using one of the Og Soccer Trainers to practice their juggling or actually start talking to each other about what they thought they would be doing that day.
As you heard from our closing comments on the last day, each of the children improved from the first day to the last day. Picking the Male & Female player of the week was very difficult for Coach Jen & I , but coaches always have to make tough choices.
The Male Player of the week was Andrew (Andy) LaRoche
The Female Player of the week was Abriella (Abi) Guertin
Congratulations to Both Players
It was our pleasure to work with each and every player this week and we hope to see you again soon in one of our future camps, or maybe in one of our individual/group training sessions.
Our Success comes from the success and enjoyment of your players in our training sessions. Our growth comes from our marketing, but mostly from the recommendations you make to others.
Please feel free to mention G4S Soccer Training & Player Development to others and we will always Welcome Your Feedback.
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